Ultimate solution for packaging, storing, stacking, transportation and bulk handling!
The box pallet with its rigid corrosion-resistant, waterproof and contaminant-free structure along with anti-slip corners, optimize the loading of components and bulk material in a safer, cleaner and faster mode. It is designed for environmental-friendly policy, hygienic purposes, space-saving, durability, giving protection to the goods.

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Plastic Lid of Box Pallet fits on ANY box pallets 120X100 Cm. A heavy-duty plastic lid sits on the Box Pallet with precision but still allows stacking of the boxes with ease. The lids are extremely strong and durable completes the 360-degree protection for the boxes.

Additional information

External Dim

1200X1010X80 mm

Interal Dim

1200X100X40 mm

Interior Vol

Static Load

Dynamic Load

Racking Load


7.5 Kg ( ±3% )

40 HC Capacity

1323 Units

TRK capacity

1638 Units


Any standard RAL color, Embossing logo


40 mm Lips, One shot, Round corners, Solid, Stackable