Ultimate solution for packaging, storing, stacking, transportation and bulk handling!
The box pallet with its rigid corrosion-resistant, waterproof and contaminant-free structure along with anti-slip corners, optimize the loading of components and bulk material in a safer, cleaner and faster mode. It is designed for environmental-friendly policy, hygienic purposes, space-saving, durability, giving protection to the goods.

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Plastic Box Pallet is the combination of bulk box/crate and pallet emphasizes keeping both advantages and applications. Solid & Perforated structure optimizes the loading of components and bulk material safely, cleaner, and faster.

Additional information

External Dim

1200X1000X915 mm

Interal Dim

1110X900X700 mm

Interior Vol

700 Kg

Static Load

5000 Kg (5 Boxes)

Dynamic Load

1000 Kg

Racking Load

1000 Kg


43.5 Kg (±3%)

Temperature Range OC

-20ºC up to +40ºC

40 HC Capacity

84 Units

TRK capacity

104 Units


Any standard RAL color, Embossing logo, Foldable Wall, Lid, RFID Tag, Wheels


2 Skid runners (snap-on), 4-way entry, Anti-slip corners, Closed bottom base, Forklift / Hand-jack compatible, One shot, Perforated walls, Stackable