Waste can become valuable material again!
Our waste bins open an opportunity to organize recyclable disposal. Mobile Garbage Bins develop system solutions to meet customers’ needs worldwide, which contribute to optimising waste collection and reducing the mountain of industrial, clinical/medical, household wastes and boosting general welfare.

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The pre-sorting litter bins are the best solution for private households’ waste collection and sorting. They are suitable for indoor usage, ideal for homes, schools, and offices, and completely reusable.

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Household, Office, School, Hospital, etc.

External Dim

200X270X290 mm

Wheels Casters


10 Ltr

Bin Weight

0.6 Kg (±3%)

40 HC Capacity

10000 Units

TRK capacity

11000 Units


5 Kg


Any standard RAL color, Labeling on lid or body, Silk screen logo on lid or body


Easy handling to carry around, Flat lid, Locking lid mechanism, Recyclable waste for household, Smooth Lid for opening & closing