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Mart Makers plastic pallets are manufactured from virgin HDPE injection grade and UV Stabilizer additive. Plastic pallets are easily cleaned. Plastic pallets can be washed with hot steam and chemical detergent without the risk of rust or mildew.
The long service life and heavy load-bearing capabilities of plastic pallets assist in using the pallets many times, ensuring recycling them after the end of their lifespan. Our plastic pallets are categorized into two industrial and hygienic categories; light to heavy-duty types.

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HP Series Pallets are ideally suited for light and heavy-duty loads for those who need hygienic handling and packaging for sensitive goods. The closed solid decks and sealed joints do not allow bacteria and fungi growth. HP series pallets help hygienic industries such as food and pharmaceuticals to maintain hygiene standards during storing and transporting. The hygienic nature of pallets contributes to being washable, sanitized, easy to clean and resistant to absorbing moisture and dirt.

Additional information

Product Type



1200X800X130 mm

Static Load

5000 Kg

Dynamic Load

1250 Kg

Racking Load


14 Kg (±3%)

Temperature Range OC

-20°C up to +30°C

40 HC Capacity

704 Units

TRK capacity

734 Units


Anti-slip strips (2-4 Pcs), Any standard RAL color, ESD 10 4-6 version material, PP copolymer material, Printing logo, Safety rims


4-way entry, 7 mm safety rims, 9 Legs, Closed solid decks, Forklift / Hand-jack compatible, Single surface, Stackable, Welded